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Test Standard of Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile
The product should meet the following criteria before leaving the factory.
1. Impact resistance Use ordinary hammer to hit the tile surface with an appropriate force, and there should not be shedding phenomenon between the adhesive layer and the sheet. This is mainly used to test the adhesion of the adhesive layer.
2. Water resistance Soak the finished product in cold water for 3-5 days, and the tile surface does not change color, especially the adhesive layer comes with no blistering, flaking and softening.
3. Heat resistance Put the finished tile in a constant temperature water bath pot with 70-100 degree hot water for 1 hour to see if there is peeling and softening phenomenon of the adhesive laye. The color of the sand surface is allowed to have a slight change.
4. Low temperature resistance Place the finished roof tile in the -20~-40℃ freezer, and the adhesive layer is free from cracks. Hit by metal objects, it also will not be peeled off.
5. Flexibility The product allows slight texture after bending, but no adhesive layer peeling off.
6. Fade resistance Heat and boil 3%-7% sulfuric acid water with a beaker, and pour out sulfate water after put the sand in the beaker for 10 minutes, to see whether there is change of color on the sand surface. A slight change is allowed.
7. Resistance to acid, alkali, salt spray, artificial weathering aging, and radiation It is recommended to send the product to state authorities for test, such as the National Building Materials Inspection Center.

Note: The drying time of finished product in the oven shall not be less than 3.5 hours, with a maximum temperature of 120℃.