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  • Service

  • 1. The company provides free samples for our roofing tiles, ceiling tiles and aluminum coils. For buyers with a higher degree of intention, we will bear sample freight.

    2. We offer firm and safe packaging. The delivery cycle is within 20 days after the receipt of the deposit.

    3. The quality guarantee period is 30 years. For quality problems found during the warranty period, we are responsible for supplementary compensation.

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  • FAQ

  • 1. What are the advantages of stone coated steel roof tile?
    Our stone coated steel roof tile uses state-of-the-art technology of Korea and is designed by experienced Korea returned overseas Chinese designers. It adopts high-quality raw materials, and does not fade or deform through the actual application test. Both from the quality and appearance, it can pass the test.

    2. Can I walk on the stone coated metal tile roof?
    Yes. In the process of installation, workers need to walk on the stone coated steel roof. But it is recommended to wear softer-soled shoes.

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  • Test Index of Color Coated Aluminum Coil and Embossed Aluminum Coil

  • Acrylic Coating (AC) and Polyester Coating (PE) Test Method
    1. Bending: 180° bent, 3T flexibility vertically and horizontally, paste with scotch tape, no crack, no paint peel-off, flex width: min. 1cm.

    2. MEK scrubbing: Use a force of lKG and a wet cloth dipped with a little butanone reciprocated scrubbing. Back and forth scrubbing times: AC: ≥100, PE: 150. Length: AC: ≥10CM, PE: 10cm. Result: no uncoated surface (back and forth scrubbing for one time).

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  • Test Standard of Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile

  • Use ordinary hammer to hit the tile surface with an appropriate force, and there should not be shedding phenomenon between the adhesive layer and the sheet. This is mainly used to test the adhesion of the adhesive layer.
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  • Roof Tile Installation Direction

  • Below is the installation direction of the classical stone coated metal tile. For detailed metal roofing installation process and installation precautions, please contact with our sale staffs. Regarding several types of our existing tiles for sale, we can provide a full set of installation information.

    Step 1. Laying waterproof paper

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