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1. What are the advantages of stone coated steel roof tile?
Our stone coated steel roof tile uses state-of-the-art technology of Korea and is designed by experienced Korea returned overseas Chinese designers. It adopts high-quality raw materials, and does not fade or deform through the actual application test. Both from the quality and appearance, it can pass the test.

2. Can I walk on the stone coated metal tile roof?
Yes. In the process of installation, workers need to walk on the stone coated steel roof. But it is recommended to wear softer-soled shoes.

3. Will the stone coated metal tile roof be noisy when it rains?
No. The color stone coating can effectively reduce the noise of raindrops falling on the roof.

4. Howe does the stone coated steel tile roof withstand extreme weather?
Our stone coated metal roof tile uses advanced nail fixing method for installation. For decades, the steel roof can resist all kinds of extreme weather, such as strong wind, extreme heat, high humidity, heavy snow, etc., and can effectively reduce the damage caused by extreme natural disasters. We have a lot of test reports and practical engineering cases to prove that the stone coated metal roofing can be windproof, shockproof, anti-frozen, and can resist the invasion of typhoon with a speed of more than 120 kilometers per hour. The roof is strong and firm, thus significantly reducing the maintenance costs.

5. Will the stone coated steel roof tile be rusted and corroded?
No. This metal roofing tile adopts fingerprint resistant galvalume steel sheet as the substrate, which is then covered with natural basalt particles. It utilizes the corrosive protection of aluminum and sacrificial protection of zinc, making it the ideal roofing material for anti-rust corrosion. This is the reason why our stone coated steel roof tile can be constructed into a top roofing system and be able to provide 30 years of quality assurance.

6. Will the metal roofing fade?
The practical application of our stone coated metal tile will not fade. It makes use of high quality adhesives and pigments, and is baked by strict temperature control. However, due to air pollution, there will be a slight color change in the metal roof after a period of time. After rain or clean water rinse, the roofing will look like new.

7. Can the stone coated metal roofing tile be recycled?
Yes. More than 60 percent of the metal roofing material can be recycled. This is one of the advantages over cement tile and other roofing materials.

8. Is the stone coated steel roof fireproof?
The stone coated steel roof tile itself is a non-combustible material (A). In new projects or renovation projects, metal roofing is often integrated with other Class A non-combustible materials. Hence, the stone coated steel roof is fireproof.

9. How about the energy-saving effect?
The stone coated metal roof can effectively reflect heat radiation. But it mainly takes advantage of the insulation material in the roof system to achieve comprehensive energy-saving purpose.