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Test Index of Color Coated Aluminum Coil and Embossed Aluminum Coil

Acrylic Coating (AC) and Polyester Coating (PE) Test Method
1. Bending: 180° bent, 3T flexibility vertically and horizontally, paste with scotch tape, no crack, no paint peel-off, flex width: min. 1cm.

2. MEK scrubbing: Use a force of lKG and a wet cloth dipped with a little butanone reciprocated scrubbing. Back and forth scrubbing times: AC: ≥100, PE: 150. Length: AC: ≥10CM, PE: 10cm. Result: no uncoated surface (back and forth scrubbing for one time).

3. Adhesion: Take a coated plate to draw 100 square grids with a range of 1 cm, and then stick with an adhesive tap to see whether paint is peeled off on the grid. Grade 1 refers to peeling on one grid. Grade: acrylic coating: ≤2, polyester coating: ≤1.

4. Hardness: Use a Zhonghua pencil to draw a 2cm long line, with an angle of 45° and a force of 2KG. The coating should have no crack, no peeling off, and no missing coating. Pencil hardness: acrylic coating: ≥ 2H, polyester coating: ≥3H.

5. Gloss: With reference to the standard, deviation ± 5

6. Boiling water resistance: The coating is heated in the boiling water for 2 hours. After drying, use a graver to plow injury in coated board, and can use a tape to stick. The film should be ensured with no peeling off, no powder falling and no wrinkling on the surface.

7. Acid-alkali resistance: No ​​significant change in 24 hours.

8. Coating appearance: Flat, no blistering and mark remaining.

Color Difference
1. Plain color paint: △≤ 0.5 (all plain colors)
2. Metallic paint: △≤ 0.8 (flash silver, silver gray, color silver)

Film Thickness and Impact Resistance Table (front and back impact, with no peeling off, no powder falling and no film shedding)
Specifications Dry film Impact
Main color Color shift
Topcoat 0.024 11-12µm 12-13µm
0.04-0.05 13-14µm 14-15µm
0.06-0.08 14-15µm 15-16µm
0.10-0.15 16±1µm
0.18-0.30 18±1µm 25-35KG. cm
0.35-0.50 20±1µm 45-50KG. cm
Primer 0.024-0.12 10±1µm
0.15-0.20 10±1µm
0.25-0.50 14±1µm
Note: topcoat 0.024-0.05AC, 0.06-0.5 PE