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    1. Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles (Roof Shingle)The stone coated metal roof tile is a popular selection of roof shingles. Adopting high-quality steel plate as the substrate, the metal roofing material is durable and corrosion resistant.
    1. Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles (Rainbow Tile)This series of stone coated metal roof tiles is also called rainbow tiles, as a single piece of roofing tile has several different colors on the surface. The multicolor design is the main feature of the roof material.
    1. Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles (Modern Classical Tile) This selection of metal roofing materials makes use of the unique waterproof, windproof and nail-fixing design. This guarantees more tight fit between tiles and more solid connection between the metal tile and roof surface.
    1. Roofing AccessoriesOur roofing accessories are designed to facilitate the installation of stone coated metal roof tiles, and included are ridge tile, gutter, eave tile, flashing, gutter, gable board, ridge end cap, etc.

Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles

Our stone coated metal roof tile uses superior profiled and fingerprint-resistant galvalume color steel plate as the substrate, high-quality water-based polymer resin as the binder, and color natural stone chips as the surface layer. It is a new roofing material made through special processing. This style of roofing tile adopts basalt which is dyed by inorganic pigment after crushing and screening, thus ensuring high quality, as well as bright and long-lasting color. The color for the stone coated metal roof tile is available in a choice of red, green, blue, brown, gray, black, or bespoke ones. The particle size is 18-40 mesh, or customized size.

Advantages of Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles
Beautiful Appearance: We currently have classical, modern classical, shingle, rainbow (Roman style), Makuti grained, and other stone coated metal roof tile types. After installed, it offers a smooth curve to roof coverings of a building, a sense of layering and a heavy feeling of the natural stone. It perfectly shows different beauty of Western architecture and Oriental architecture and enhances the taste and quality of the building.
Rich colors: This selection of stone coated metal roofing has more than 10 colors to choose from, fully realizing the harmony in roof and wall, as well as building and environment.

Long Lifetime: The stone coated metal roof tile uses imported or domestic high quality steel plate as the substrate, the surface of which is applied with aluminum zinc coating, polymer resin, natural stone particles, and totally seven-layer protection. This makes it enjoy a super strong resistance to high temperature, low temperature, solar radiation, corrosion, aging, etc., thus ensuring a long service life.

Firm and Safe: Our range of stone coated metal roof tiles adopts unique waterproof, windproof and fixing design, allowing for closer fit between tile and tile, as well as firmer joint between tile and roof. This makes the roofing system composed of metal tile have an extremely strong resistance to heavy rain, heavy snow, and high wind.

Simple Construction: The thickness or weight of the color stone coated metal roofing tile is only about 1/6 of the ordinary cement tile and ceramic tile. It is very lightweight, and is also easy to cut and bend. With supporting accessories, the construction can be much easier and faster. Even on the high-rise buildings and buildings with large roof pitch, the construction can be conducted very conveniently.

Economical: Our metal roof tiles feature large format, light weight, and easy handling. The dry-fix system ensures construction in cold seasons, and minimizes the need for auxiliary material. This also helps to save the handling cost, reduce the material consumption, improve the construction efficiency, and lower the project cost.

Green: The stone coated metal roof tile uses metal panels, natural stone granules, water-based acrylic resin, and other non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. Hence, it is truly a green product.