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Roofing Accessories

Roofing accessories are necessary for roofing system installation. Our roofing accessories are designed to facilitate the installation of stone coated metal roof tiles, and included are ridge tile, gutter, eave tile, flashing, gutter, gable board, ridge end cap, etc. The following data is for reference only, and metal roofing accessories with customized specification is available according to the actual need.

A. Ridge Tile: This selection of roof accessories is used in the ridge, including the angle ridge hip (60*40*60mm), V-shaped ridge tile (I. 60*70*120MM, II.10*25*70*1340MM), arc-shaped ridge tile (85*80*85mm). It is suitable for use matching with various tile types.

B. Gutter: This range of metal roofing supplies is actually the drainage system. It is installed in the roof and wall junction where water flow goes through, or the roof and roof junction coming in the “v” shape. 100 * 100mm

C. Eave Tile: These roofing accessories are used in the eave.

D. Gable Tile

Performance Specifications of Metal Roofing Accessories
Item Index
Artificial weathering aging resistance 1000h, coating with no cracking, no chalking, no blistering, no obvious discoloration
Thermal resistance 90±2℃, no significant change
Low temperature resistance ﹣40±2℃·24h, no significant change
Waterproofness 240h, no bubbles, no significant change
Anti-UV 60℃·1000h, no significant change
Pressure resistance No change in test sample
Acid-alkali resistance No change in test sample after 48h dipping in saturated Ca(OH)2
Impact resistance No significant shedding of coating
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