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Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles (Roof Shingle)

The stone coated metal roof tile is a popular selection of roof shingles. Adopting high-quality steel plate as the substrate, the metal roofing material is durable and corrosion resistant. The substrate surface comes with seven protective layers, including the aluminum-zinc coating, polymer resin, natural stone, and so on. Hence, the metal roofing tile has improved weathering resistance. The bump grid on the metal tile surface is arranged at intervals. After installed on the roof, the metal roof tiles provide an obvious sense of layering. The roofing shingles are available in a size of 1340mm × 420mm, and there are 2.08 tile sheets per square meter on average after installation.

Specifications of Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles
Type Model No. JH04
Metal Roof Shingle Tile Size 1340mm*420mm
Installed Exposure 1290mm*370mm
Tiles per Sqm 2.08sheets
Installed Weight 2.8kg/sheet
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