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PE Coated Aluminum Coil (Polyester Coating)

The polyester coating after many times of baking on the surface of the aluminum coil can form a firmly attached solid film which has protective and decorative characteristics. The polyester coating is an anti-UV coating, which can give the painted aluminum coil various colors. It also has good gloss and smoothness, superior texture and feel, and can increase the sense of depth and three-dimension.

The coating can protect the aluminum coil exposed in the atmosphere from being attacked by ultraviolet radiation, wind, rain, frost and snow. In addition, it can play a protective role against the difference in temperature, the freeze-thaw cycle, as well as the corrosive gases and microbes. Due to these advantages, our PE coated aluminum sheets in coil form are especially suitable for indoor decoration and advertising boards. If you need billboard material or aluminum decorative material, then please feel free to contact us.

Parameters of the PE Coated Aluminum Coil
Items Technical requirements
Thickness of coating film ≥18μm
Gloss deviation Gloss<70, limit error≤10%
Gloss≥70, limit error≤5%
Hardness of pencil ≥3H
Adhesion No less than Grade 1
Flexibility ≤2T
Boiling water resistance 2h, no color change
Color difference ΔE≤2.0
MEK ≥100times
Aluminum thickness 0.06-1.10mm
Aluminum width 800-1600mm
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